Ennion Gifts to The Rakow Research Library

A close up of a large, old library book that someone is flipping the page

The Juliette K. and Leonard S. Rakow Research Library at The Corning Museum of Glass is the world’s foremost library on the fascinating art and history of glass and glassmaking.

Your Ennion contribution to The Rakow Library will support the efforts of our librarians in making glass-related resources and research possible. Providing consultations, both in person and online, The Rakow’s librarians maintain and share the Library’s unparalleled collection on the art, science, and history of glass and glassmaking with the public.

With your support, our librarians will continue the extensive process of digitizing Library collections to ensure their accessibility for the general public, glass researchers, and artists. By ensuring access to these unique resources, you will help more people to discover the historical and contemporary context of glass and glassmaking through The Rakow’s more than 260,000 books, journals, videos, archives, manuscripts, and works of art on paper.

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Unlock the creative potential of glassmaking.

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Collection items form the basis of original research, interpretation, and exhibitions.