Gifts to the Ennion Acquisitions Fund

Woman looks up at a large glass chandelier in a white gallery
To Die Upon a Kiss by Fred Wilson in the Contemporary Art + Design Galleries.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are priorities shaping our Museum’s future. The Museum’s collections have historically focused on telling the story of glass unrelated to issues of equity and inclusion. Today we recognize this approach excludes the contributions and ideas of diverse peoples and cultures, past and present. 

The growth of our collections is a continuous and rigorous academic pursuit that involves extensive research and collaboration by Museum curators. Your gift to the Ennion Acquisitions Fund ensures the Museum’s ability to acquire new collection items that will form the basis of original research, interpretation, and exhibitions. 

Our collections are a component not only in maintaining a world-renowned Museum, but also in ensuring the extensive representation of artists in the field of glassmaking. Your contribution will enable the Museum to expand the scope of our collection, and its interpretation, in order to ensure representation of diverse peoples throughout historical and contemporary collections. 

Ennion members, at Collectors Circle and above, have an opportunity to select by annual ballot an object that will be acquired with Ennion Acquisition Funds.  

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